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Article: HOAGC March 1998 Glass Show

by Bev Harris


The March winds blew in the Heart of America Glass Show and Sale with record attendance and sales, thanks to a combination of club efforts in promotion and dealers bringing in some fantastic glass.


Several rare pieces impressed buyers and viewers.  One marvelous purchase was an extremely rare Pink Depression Floral (Poinsettia) Footed Compote.  The new owners are very happy campers thanks to Helen and Gene Allen.  Helen and Gene also excited another collector with a very rare Fostoria American Hair Receiver.


Moving around the corner to Kelly O'Kane's very elegant displays, we spot a U.S. Glass Green Dolphin Base and Fish Bowl produced in 1926 and a 10-inch Red Ginger Jar manufactured by the Consolidated Glass Co., of Corapolis, PA.


Kelly was gracious enough to allow us to take this picture of a Tiffin Velva bowl, which he explained was officially only assigned a number by the factory.  Satinized pieces in this design were called velva.  Collectors have also come to refer to non-satinized, bright finish pieces as velva as well.  Company records show velva pieces being made in crystal, ebony, topaz, and blue.  To date, this is the ONLY known piece in AMBER and is destined for the Tiffin Glass Collectors Museum, one of the club's current high priorities.  The bowl is mounted in an exquisite ormolu frame with two cherubs sitting opposite each other on the bowl's rim.  Thanks Kelly for enlightening and educating us.


As I am sure most of you know, Kelly is also sharing in another big way with all of us by authoring a new book to be available in June of this year called Tiffin Glass Masters, the Modern Years.


Ed Pailer and Allen Kleinbeck had another red piece that caught my eye (which I must mention) and that is a Red Radiance Candy Jar.


Vicky Cobb of Raytown, MO, won the Cambridge Everglade Tulip Bowl door prize.  She was delighted, and who knows, maybe she will become hooked on a new pattern.


Saturday evening found dealers and club members enjoying a potluck dinner of ham and side dishes too numerous to mention provided by the club and accompanied by lively conversation and always tummy tickling laughs at Jim Davis' limericks.


Sunday at the close of the show, the worker bee club members helped the dealers with the pack-em-up-move-em-out routine and had them on the road home in less than three hours.  Thanks to the dealers and club members for a very, very successful show.  We look forward to seeing you all October 3rd and 4th [1998] even though the March show will be a hard act to follow.


Bev Harris

Heart of America Glass Club

March 1998