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Article: Heart of America Glass Collectors Club Report

 in NDGA News & Views, September 1998

by Bev Harris


The second four months of 1998 have come and gone quickly, so here we are again to report on some of our club's activities.


In May, Brad Allen set us up an e-mail address so we can now receive your mail at HOAGC@juno.com.  Ed Pailer gave a program on Roseville's Dahlrose pattern.  I am sure any Dahlrose collector would be hard pressed to surpass Ed's varied and beautiful collection, as well as his knowledge and expertise.  Thank s to Ed for such an informative program.


June found 25 of us at our home (Jim and Bev Harris) for our annual picnic.  This was our first opportunity to have many of our members in our home.  We were very flattered at the complimentary comments we received as members viewed our Imperial collections.  As always, our picnics are a delightful event and it was difficult to some of us to call a close to the evening as we can all talk glass forever.  June is also our annual membership renewal month; we will miss Evelyn Rhoades, who has decided to retire her membership.


We began July with the following officers in place for the next 12 months:


Jim Jensen……………..President

Jim Rose……………....Vice President

Helen Allen……………Treasurer

Roger Robertson….......Historian

Joan Mattox…………...Secretary


Doris and Harold Mayes have been visiting us on a regular basis, and we are now happy to welcome them as new members.  Gene Cooper presented the program on Russell Wright's American Modern pattern.  Russell Wright created, designed, and sold his new pattern as our country was coming out of a depression.  It was marketed as Art for the Masses, Not the Classes.


In August we had double show and tell, which is always a potpourri feast for the glass lover's eyes with up to 50 different pieces of glass displayed.  I will mention a couple that I thought were particularly interesting.  Doris Mayes showed us a rare Westmoreland #462 Pink Breakfast Set, consisting of salt and pepper shakers and butter pats in a matching pink glass holder.  Not to be upstaged by his wife, Harold Mayes displayed a beautiful Westmoreland Lotus Black Perfume from the mid 1920s.  We also finalized our plans for the Metroplex Depression Glass Show at Grapevine, TX, and 10 days later, 14 of us boarded two vans at 7:00 A.M.  Boarding passes were candy, cookies, popcorn, and any other goodie to share.  We are lean (well maybe) mean eating machines in this club.


Our first stop was the Southside Antique Mall in Joplin, MO.  Next we stretched our legs and budgets in Muskogee, OK, where we visited several shops and malls.  It was a unanimous opinion that the champion leg stretcher was Jim Rose.  It pays to be long and tall.  Evening found us exhausted and happy to check into our rooms at Durant, OK.  Friday morning we antiqued the Dallas area, visiting as many shops as time would permit.  For the BIG ADVENTURE Saturday, we were in line early for the Metroplex Depression Glass Show.  Excitement built as the final minutes to opening ticked away and we were allowed to enter the show.  It was spectacular, as always.  After several hours of looking, buying, and visiting friends, we were off to Fort Worth to again stretch our legs.


We wrapped up the day at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Arlington, TX, where we were invited to share in the celebration of Myrna and Bob Garrison's 50th wedding anniversary.  We had a great time and voluntarily pulled KP.  Who other than a glass club could be trusted to wash all that elegant Imperial Cape Cod and Candlewick; including THE GOLD PUNCH BOWL.  The Garrison children and grandchildren were fun to work (actually play) with and they put on a wonderful party.  About 9:30 P.M. we again boarded the van and drove to Ardmore, OK.


The van rides are a story of their own.  The bantering and camaraderie certainly enhanced friendships.  We began our trip with plenty of room to spare but by the time we returned home it looked like Christmas with the many sack of glass purchases.  Some of the treasures included Imperial Cape Cod Tom and Jerry Cups, a black Radiance Punch Bowl, a small Fenton Cranberry Oil Lamp, and an Imperial Peacock Carnival Cracker Jar.


Sunday we began the day at the Buchanan's Antique and Collectors Market in Oklahoma, City.  We concluded our shopping in Wichita and in Park City, KS.  The first prize find goes to Joan Mattox for her Plastoria.  Sorry, Joan, I just have to tell this.  You see, we caught Joan purchasing plastic tumblers for her patio and couldn't resist the temptation to harass her unmercifully about buying plastic dishes while on a trip with a glass club.


We invite you to visit us when we meet the 4th Tuesday of every month.  [See www.hoagc.org.]


Bev Harris

Heart of America Glass Club

September 1998