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Article: How I Started Collecting Glassware of the Depression ERA

by Maryann Welter


It was a Tuesday and Mom was looking forward to the arrival of the Jewel Tea man who was going to bring her a beautiful Hall teapot in the Crocus pattern.  She had been buying coffee and tea from him and knew she had enough points or credits to acquire a piece of china.  I do not know how many points you had to have to receive your free pieces, but it didn't seem like it was a lot.  Mom, Dad, and I really enjoyed that teapot.  Mom would set it out on the table as a centerpiece and because it was visible she would use it often.  Mom said it made the best tea.


After Mom died and my husband, Gene, and I were sorting through her meager possessions we came across the teapot.  I told him how she acquired it and we both thought it would be fun to see if there were any more pieces in this particular pattern.  Well, 175 pieces later I can tell you we had a ball looking through antique store and flea markets for our beloved Crocus.  That is how we got started on our Depression Glass collecting.


The second pattern we started collecting was Holiday (Buttons & Bows).  We were coming home from the Lake of the Ozarks and we passed an antique store in Sedalia.  We both decided it was a good time for a rest stop and why not look around at the pretty glassware.  I found a milk pitcher in Holiday and our collection grew from there.  Gene says that was a very expensive rest stop.


Now, just about every cupboard, cabinet, and countertop in our home has several pieces of glassware that really pique our interest.  Right now, with winter all around us, we are anxious for spring and summer to return so that we can pursue our obsession of collection depression glassware.