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October 2008

Mark and Tony proudly displayed pieces from their amazing collection of Frankoma Pottery's Woodland Moss glaze.  They started the collection two months ago after falling in love with the glaze colorations.  They have already done a lot of research on Woodland Moss and Frankoma Pottery; they started their program with a brief synopsis of the company's history before turning to the gorgeous pieces on display.

John Nathanial Frank started Frankoma Pottery in 1933 in Norman, OK.  He moved the company to Sapulpa, OK, in 1936.  The glazes, shapes, and motifs were inspired primarily by nature.  Native American and Western motifs were featured prominently.  Several dinnerware lines were available as well as occasional pieces that could go with any of the patterns.  Mark and Tony like the Woodland Moss glaze because of its subtle shadings in turquoise and browns and the organic shapes to most of the pieces.  The glazes were applied by hand so there is broad variation in the finished products.  Their collection already incorporates pieces from the Aztec, Lazy Bones, Plainsman, and Westwind patterns, and they have a great start on the non-dinnerware pieces that share the same beautiful glaze.


Check out the following photos for highlights of the Show and Tell portion on the meeting.  The first photo displays a Cambridge Gold-Encrusted Minerva Console Bowl and a pair of Cambridge 3121 Candlesticks with Sterling Bases.  The second photo is of a gorgeous Tiffin Smoke and Crystal Flower Arranger.