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February 2009

In lieu of a program on a specific collection, club members brought treasures for a Double Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



1. Hansel and Gretel candlelights in Ruby by Morgantown, from their Peekaboo line.

2. On the left is the Fairwin etch on a Lexington blank footed juice by Morgantown, with a cobalt blue filament in the stem.

    On the right is a Fostoria #2433 (Tripod) tall comport in Wisteria and crystal.   

3. Fenton Burmese tall vase with peacock decoration.

4. Crystal Wildflower covered candy box with gold trim, made by Cambridge in the 1940s.

5. Ball jug #547 with an orange glaze, by Red Wing.

6. On the left is a Daisy Wreath crimp bowl by Westmoreland, circa 1910, in Marigold carnival on milk glass.

    On the right is a Daisy Wreath bowl by Westmoreland, in Peach Opal carnival.

7. Cranberry ruffled bowl from an unknown manufacturer.

8. English Hobnail covered three-footed candy box in green, circa 1930, by Westmoreland.

9. Crocus Soup Tureen on the Nautilus blank, newly issued by Hall China to celebrate their shapes and patterns of the past.

10. Flowerpot from an unknown manufacturer.

11. On the left is a perfume bottle made by Sinclair in the 1930s in the Corning, NY area.

      In the center is an Own holder (by Reed and Barton) and ruffled glass trumpet vase (unknown manufacturer).

      On the left is a porcelain pitcher by Franz, purchased as a souvenir of a trip to England.

12. Lily of the Valley footed comport by Cambridge, circa 1933-1940.

13. Teardrop stems by Duncan & Miller:  goblet with no additional treatment, champagne with the Royal Lace etch, and an odd size with an unknown etch and a cut foot.