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August 2009

John and Larry presented a truly wonderful program on Cambridge's Gold Band Wildflower.  It was great to see so many pieces with such "good gold" on them; almost all of the displayed items showed little sign of ever being used.  Larry and John have done a great job of picking only the cream of the crop for their collection.  They started their Cambridge Glass collection not with Wildflower but with a gorgeous pair of Mount Vernon hurricane lamps with etched Blossom Time shades (which they also included in this program).  Though Blossom Time and Wildflower are frequently confused, John and Larry consciously made the switch to Gold Band Wildflower four years ago when they had a chance to purchase a large batch of the latter at a show.  They were off and running!

Cambridge introduced Wildflower in January 1937; it seems to have met with immediate acclaim and there are a large number of pieces available on a variety of blanks.  Larry and John have stemware on the 3121 blank.  Their plates, cups, and saucers are on the 3400 blank.  The bulk of their accessory pieces are on either the 3400 or 3500 (Gadroon) blank.  They also have a few other choice pieces from other lines.  They all look exquisite when set together.  They would love to find dinner plates, but they would not turn their noses up at anything else that would enhance their collection.





Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



1. On the left is a Consolidated Glass Catalonian Toilet Bottle and Lid in Honey.

    On the right is a Cambridge Gold Encrusted Minerva Claret on the 3500 blank.


2. On the left is a Duncan Miller Teardrop Round Vase.

    On the right is a Westmoreland Glass English Hobnail Salad Dressing Bottle (or Oil & Vinegar Bottle). 


3. Westmoreland Glass English Hobnail Candy in clear with ruby flashing (which was listed in the old catalog as

     "Waterford Reproduction")


4. Westmoreland Glass Pattern 300 15-inch Candy or Urn, one in green and one in crystal.


5. Tiffin Twilight Candles and Inserts.


6. Westmoreland Glass Woodland (#297) Vases in Marigold Carnival and in Smoke Carnival, made between 1910 and 1914.


7. On the left is a Westmoreland Glass Priscilla Pitcher (Large Creamer), made in 1891.

    On the right is a Westmoreland Glass Filigree Fancy Shape Cologne Bottle & Stopper #10, made circa 1900.


8. Cambridge Crystal Rose Point #3500/17 12" footed bowl.


9. On the left is a RS Prussia hat pin holder with the red mark (from the 1870s) and a selection of antique hat pins.

    On the right is a Early American Pattern Glass large cruet in the Massachusetts pattern.


10. Decorating With China and Glass book by Caroline by Caroline Clifton-Mogg and Simon Upton.