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September 2009

Helen and Gene unveiled a glorious program of Royal Blue by the Cambridge Glass Company.  Their collection spans a number of Cambridge blanks; it all looks absolutely gorgeous when displayed together.  Gene and Helen, who already had started other Cambridge collections, fell into their Royal Blue collection over 25 years ago when they bought a #3400 bridge set (4 cups, saucers, and dessert plates; a creamer and sugar; and a center-handled server).  They were content with this until a few years later when they bought a second, identically configured bridge set!  A few months later they found eight #3126 goblets with Royal Blue bowls and Crystal stems and feet.  That clinched it!  They could not argue with the collecting gods any longer.

Cambridge manufactured the Royal Blue color between 1931 and 1943.  It was a popular color but production ended due to World War II war shortages of supplies needed for the color.  Its popularity has resurged among collectors and lovers of beautiful glass.  Cambridge artisans also combined Crystal and Royal Blue in many interesting ways; Helen and Gene have added the Doulton jug, handled mugs, and salt & pepper to their collection.

In addition to the original #3126 goblets, Gene and Helen have added champagnes, sherbets, and wines; footed iced teas, waters, juices, and whisky glasses; and finger bowls.  They are always excited to find another shape in the Royal Blue and Crystal combination.  They found a set of mint Crystal #3400 dinner plates a few years ago and are enjoying them until the Royal Blue ones come along.  Other highlights of the program were the Scotch and Rye decanters, Tally Ho liqueur set, and a variety of vases, comports, and nappies.

To learn more about Cambridge glass go to the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. website at www.CambridgeGlass.org.




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



 1. EAPG Minerva oval pickle dish by Boston & Sandwich, including the motto, "Love's Request Is Pickles", circa 1870.


 2. Consolidated Glass Catalonian 20 oz Milk Jug in Emerald Green. 


 3. On the left is a Hall Autumn Leaf 2 pint and cup pitcher, made between 1937 and 1976.

     On the right is a China cigarette holder and match striker from an unknown manufacturer.


 4. Cambridge Gold Encrusted Blossom Time Goblet on the 3650 blank.


 5. On the left is a Westmoreland American Hobnail #77 bowl in Brandywine Blue Opalescent.

     In the center and right are a Fenton Blue Satin Water Lily basket and bowl.


 6. Two Gillman Brothers chalkware figures, #675 Two Dog and #673 Westie (repainted), both from the 1940s.


 7. Imperial pattern #282 bowl in Marigold Carnival.


 8. On the left is a Imperial Western Apple decorated cruet on Candlewick blank, made to accompany Franciscan's

     ceramic Apple dinnerware.

     In the center and right is an Indiana Glass Twiggy snack set in clear and amber nappy


 9. Tiffin #C167 12" vase with star bottom and cutting #102.


10. Forks, Knives and Spoons by Peri Wolfman and Charles Gold, and

      Nell Hill's Entertaining in Style: Inspiring Parties and Seasonal Celebrations by Mary Carol Garrity.


11. Morgantown large Stella compote in Gypsy Fire.


12. Contemporary wood burl vase by James Barnes with silver and turquoise inlays.