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November 2009


Bev and Jim provided a fascinating array of glass (mostly Imperial) that had been treated in one way or another with metal!  It was a unique program and all in attendance were appreciative of the exhaustive research and absolutely beautiful presentation.  We were treated to items with gold or silver overlay, with silver or chrome feet or lids, with ormolu mountings, and with wire racks.  Bev and Jim's collections are expansive; this program with the metal theme was an intriguing and fresh look at what the big companies were doing in their heyday.
The gold section centered around treatments on Imperial's Candlewick, from the gold decals on a center-handled server to the subtle lines and gilded beads added by Glastonbury to a small bowl and handled nappy.  (Bev noted that if Imperial did the gilding of the beads, they always gilded the entire bead.  If another company added the gilding later, they did only the top of the bead.)  Bev and Jim also proudly displayed a gold overlay canapé cup and plate set that had once belonged to the governor of Ohio.  The canapé set had a Rose of Sharon etch and was gilded inside and out in 24k gold!  This treatment was a special order with Imperial in 1943 only and very few were made.
Turning to silver (and again sticking primarily with Imperial), Bev showed off a number of pieces with silver or chrome components provided by Farberware (the covered bowl and tray), Crown Silver (the bowls with silver Marie feet and the Forest Green Candlewick peg comport), and Continental Silver (the Viennese Blue Candlewick peg bowl).  A standout piece was a Candlewick 4-part relish with silver overlay and frosted decoration.
Imperial's Cape Code was prominently featured in a set of Milk Glass candy boxes with lids in a wrought iron rack, as well as in an ice bucket with bamboo-wrapped chrome bail and tongs in mint condition.  Leeds Engineering worked with Imperial to produce the blown Cape Cod salt shaker and pepper grinder with chrome workings.  Bev and Jim rounded out the Cape Code display with a cottage cheese bowl in a metal bail and holder.
Also in a wrought iron rack—an Anchor Hocking Forest Green juice glass that had been turned into a whimsical vase!  Bev and Jim displayed three gorgeous pieces of Imperial's Blue Reeded with chrome accoutrements:  a vase, syrup, and stunning cocktail shaker (with the first incarnation of the strainer top).
Imperial partnered with Oneida's Community Plate to produce several giftware pieces, including a boxed, 2-part Candlewick relish with South Seas serving pickle fork and olive spoon.  What a fun set!  Rounding out this section was a very special Candlewick 2-tiered server with maple-over-metal center post and handle, made only in 1943.
Turning to one of Bev's specialties, boudoir items, the club was treated to several treasures from Bev and Jim's collection incorporating glass and metal.  A boudoir lamp included components made from Heisey's Crystolite and Ridgeleigh patterns and a charming metal and enamel flowered medallion.  Amazingly, Bev and Jim found a set of two perfume bottles and puff box in an ormolu rack that features the same metal and enamel flowered medallion, though the glass components this time are Fostoria's American pattern.  Bev also displayed several stunning perfume bottles (with metal components of course) from Imperial, including a 699 Washington perfume made for Irice (Irving Rice), an ice band wide neck cologne, a Candlewick shaker made into a perfume by DeVilbiss (with a Plexiglas and metal atomizer), a Candlewick stopper on an Irice perfume, and a Cade Cop salt shaker made into a small perfume bottle.
Rounding out the program were a few more Candlewick treasures:  an Imperial-made boudoir clock, a black Eagle mirror, and two boudoir mirrors with the familiar beaded handles.  All in all, it was a wonderfully informative and beautifully presented program.

For more information regarding Imperial glass, visit the National Imperial Glass Collectors' Society website.




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



 1. On the left is a Cambridge crystal Pristine ice tub with the Star cutting (made between 1945 and 1958).

     On the right is a an unknown clear rolled-edge console bowl with a ground bottom.


 2. In the back is a Heisey Lariat #109 6 ˝ inch footed and crimped fan vase, made between 1942 and 1944.

     In the center are two Steiff bears, Zotty and Maria.

     In the front are two rocker blotters by L. J. House, one black elephant and one jade Scottie, made in 1931.


 3. Seneca Christmas Tree candy 4-part candy boxes in Evergreen and Accent Red (the latter with a Drape optic).


 4. Cambridge crystal Pristine twin salad dressing set.


 5. On the left is a Fenton Burmese basket from the Heirloom Optics collection.

     On the right is a Fenton Burmese vase with a fishing theme.