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Meeting Highlights & Program


March 2010


The March 2010 program was presented by Harold Mayes.  He gave a very informational presentation on Westmoreland Old Carnival glass in the Marigold and Peach Opalescent colors which was produced during the years of 1902 1914.  The display included various patterns and forms.  The Westmorland Glass company manufactured glass from 1890 1984.


The Peach Opalescent color is the same color as the Marigold with the opalescent treatment.  Harold shared how the opalescent treatment was produced.  The original color batch, such as Marigold, has a sodium mixture added to it.  When the glass is fired an additional time, the sodium accumulates toward the edge of the glass which creates a white edging.  Old Carnival glass colors could be added to other colors of glass.  One way to tell the primary glass color is to look at the glass piece from the bottom.


Harold shared a tip on how to tell the difference between Old Carnival Glass and New Carnival Glass that was made after 1940.  Old Carnival Glass is iridized on the inside of the piece; whereas New Carnival Glass is iridized on the inside and outside of the piece.  Reproduction Carnival glass is iridized only on the outside of the piece.




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



 1. Wood picture titled "New Shoes" that is made with all natural woods and no staining.  Made by club member Bob Perry.


 2. Ruby Duncan Swan #12.


 3. On the left is a collection of spoons. 

      In the back center is a Cambridge Crown Tuscan triple light candelabra, pattern #1307.

     On the right is a pare of Heirloom candlesticks.


 4. Unknown pink candlesticks and carnival bowl.


 5. A club member brought a pair of horse bookends, unknown manufacturer, that her grandmother had when she was a child. 


 6. Old carnival glass in the Butterflies and Berries pattern, with a master bowl and berry bowls.


 7. Yellow footed bowl, possibly made by Fenton.


 8. In the back is a Fire King Swirl creamer and sugar.  In the front are Jadeite plates with the Alice pattern..


 9. Duncan Miller, Sandwich pattern egg tray.


10. Unknown bowl and under plate.


11. Cambridge four footed console bowl with the Blossom Time etch.


12.  Pink Elephant martini/cocktail shaker.