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Meeting Highlights & Program


July 2010


Vivian presented a beautiful program on Heisey’s Lariat pattern.  She was already a collector (especially of Red Wing pottery) when she decided that she wanted an elegant glass pattern that she could use with her many sets of dishes.  She saw Lariat at a glass show and was immediately hooked.  Heisey made Lariat from 1941 to 1957, primarily in crystal.  About 125 different pieces were offered during the run of the pattern, though only 100 molds were used.  Heisey was extremely clever in the way they shaped the pieces after they came out of the mold.  (For example, the same mold could be used for a round bowl and a crimped bowl—the crimping took place immediately after the bowl was removed from the mold, while it was still hot and pliable.)
Vivian pointed out several of her favorite pieces from those she brought for the program.  She noted that some of the bowls on the stemware are molded and some are blown.  When commenting on the cute punch cup, Vivian noted that the dinner cup and saucer is much harder to find.  She displayed one variation on the fan vase.  Most Lariat pieces have horizontal loops, but a few have vertical loops that point upwards on the piece; Vivian displayed a gorgeous bowl with vertical loops.
Heisey decorated Lariat with at least three different etchings and a host of cuttings.  In the cuttings category, Moonglow, Moongleam, and Moonbeam are the ones that show up most frequently today.  Vivian had a few etched, cut, and decorated pieces to display.  The Charleton decorated nut cup was particularly nice and included the original Charleton label. According to Vivian, Heisey came out with new pieces every year to tantalize the buying public and they discontinued pieces along the way.  A table full of Lariat is something to see!




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



 1. Heisey Crystolite 5-part relish.


 2. Frankoma Cowboy mug, circa 1977.


 3. Roseville Azure Blue Wincraft Bowl.


 4. Franciscan Fresh Fruit Covered Vegetable Bowl, Large Microwave Dish, and Napkin Rings, circa 1980.


 5. Goebel Monk Sugar and Creamer.


 6. Kosta Boda Sand-Carved Elephant Console Bowl in crystal and amethyst, signed by Vicke Lindstrand.


 7. Fostoria Contour Flora candleholders in crystal.


 8. On the left is an Imperial Cape Cod flat tumbler in red.

     On the right is an Imperial Old Williamsburg Sherbet in red.


 9. Fenton green opalescent Hobnail bowl, circa 1940.


10. Cambridge Gold Band Wildflower 3-piece mayonnaise set, #3400-11.


11. Heisey Empress #1401 floral bowl with dolphin feet in Stiegel Blue (cobalt), circa 1932.


12. Green opalescent jack-in-the-pulpit vase.


13. Fostoria pink Seascape individual sugar, creamer, and tray.


14. Framed picture, “You been farming long?”


15. Iowa City Glass cup, circa 1881.


16. Frankoma Tradewinds Tiki Line #T-8 fish ashtray in Prairie Green.


17. Green Park Avenue dinner plate.


18. Tiffin Empress flower arranger in Twilight and Smoke.


19. Westmoreland Glass amethyst carnival Concave Fluted 9” vase.