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Meeting Highlights & Program


April 2012


Mark and Tony shared a wonderful assortment of cocktail sets from their collection, covering gorgeous offerings from a wide range of manufacturers:  Cambridge, Fostoria, Heisey, Morgantown, Paden City, Seneca, and Tiffin.  Though the details are murky, they think they started with a Cambridge Farber Brothers 3400 Tantalus cordial set with green, amber, and bluebottles.  That set started them on the hunt for more.  The sets displayed were diverse in style and color but all showed great craftsmanship and quality. 
Fostoria highlights included the 24oz Scotch and Rye decanters in crystal American along with the Orange Bitters bottle, old fashioned tumbler, and 2 ounce whiskey tumbler.  Another American set featured Gin and Rye bottles and four regal blue American Lady cocktail glasses on a 12-inch serving tray.  A pair of 30oz red #2518 decanters rounded out the Fostoria portion.
Turning to Tiffin, Mark presented a magnificent #17437 Killarney Green cordial decanter (with an oh-so-easy-to-lose stopper) and footed cordials.
Cambridge was well represented (in addition to the “original” Tantalus set already mentioned).  From the #1070 Pinch line came the ebony decanter with a golf ball stopper and the amber decanter with a jigger stopper, along with several flat whiskey tumblers.  Mark also shared that the #1369 amber Melon Tantalus set (complete with flat whiskies) was purchased soon after seeing the same set at the National Museum of Cambridge Glass.  From the 1950s came a #3797/85 Square decanter and footed tumblers, one of which retains a Patent Pending sticker.
Turning to Heisey, Mark and Tony offered several variations of the #4225 Corbel cocktail shaker, one with a cutting and both large and small sizes with rooster head stoppers.
A Paden City Tantalus set from the #211 Spire Horse Shoe line sported a beautiful #545 Spring Orchard etch.
Mark shared two Morgantown #9895 ˝ Hoffman House cocktail pitchers and glasses, the large one in steel blue and the smaller in topaz mist.  A highlight was the Odd Ball offerings:  cocktail mixer in ebony and crystal, 8-ball old fashioned, ebony and crystal old fashioned, ebony and white old fashioned, and crystal and ebony cocktail.  They rounded out the Morgantown section with the whimsical #3055 19th Hole old fashioned glass in white and green.
Wrapping up the program, Mark described the Seneca #1974 Fashionable decanter and footed glasses made from 1971 to 1983 in ten colors!




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



Glass car weighing 15 pounds from an unknown manufacturer.
Heisey crystal Lariat bowl with silver overlay duck, tree, and egret.
Crystal bowl resembling Heisey’s Crystolite pattern.


Libbey crystal sherbet and goblet with an unknown cutting.


Fenton eggs with hanging hearts and vines from a series of 22 commissioned in 1989, in ruby carnival, blue, rose, white, and satin yellow.
Fenton amethyst carnival Hearts and Bows footed 11” bowl with a piecrust edge.
Fenton Budweiser series vase, fairy lamp, and electric desk lamp.
Cambridge La Rosa vase with #724 etching.
Hall China yellow and white individual duck casserole marked Carbone, circa 1940.
Seneca crystal 925-2 cut wine, goblet, and champagne.