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Meeting Highlights & Program


January 2013


Bev shared an amazing array of Imperialís Ruby pieces from a wide variety of lines.  The gorgeous Ruby color popped on the white tablecloth next to accents of milk glass.  Imperial started manufacturing their Ruby color in the 1930s and continued into the 1980s.  In some cases only a single piece or a few pieces from an established line were made in Ruby.  All Imperial Ruby is highly prized by collectors today.
Highlights of the program included a luncheon or breakfast set in #725 Molly, #282 candleholders (the only Ruby piece known in the extensive #282 pattern), a #341 Old Williamsburg pitcher, several rare pieces of #400 Candlewick, a rare #742 Hobnail cologne, several rare pieces of #160 Cape Cod, the #A134 fish bookend, and a #5006 Cathay butterfly ashtray. 
Bev also shared a variety of Ruby reproductions and reissues for comparison.  This section included a #400 Candlewick ice bucket made as a fundraiser to commemorate the Imperial Museumís fifth anniversary and a number of pieces made by Mosser for National Heisey Conventions and National Cambridge Conventions over the years. 
Finally, Bev offered some beautiful Imperial milk glass pieces as a contrast to the vibrant Ruby color.  Highlights included #400 Candlewick pieces, a #75 or #753 Heart triple candleholder, and an adorable Mouse Lovers that was made during Imperialís final days in 1981.




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



On the left is a sand-carved Dorothy Thorpe water goblet.
In the center is a Cambridge Carmen Tally Ho cordial with platinum trim.
On the right is a Tiffin green-stemmed #15039 goblet with the Green Wheat cutting.
Mikasa clear centerpiece bowl (similar to a Heisey Ridgeleigh bowl).
Franciscan Madeira Flora plate.


On the left is an Imperial clear Hobstar handled decanter.
On the right is a US Glass clear Massachusetts bowl, circa 1898.


In front are individual cream holders in several colors.
In back are master cream holders in two colors and a Hall hot chocolate mug.
On the left in back is a Fenton Ebony Crest top hat.
On the right in back is a Fenton Black Rose top hat.
On the left in front is a Fenton logo sign in white.
On the right in front is a Fenton lavender, pink, and black 1976 Barber egg .
On the left is a Tiffin Twilight 12" vase with applied feet.
On the right is a Tiffin Twilight cornucopia, circa 1950s.
Etched centerpiece bowl from an unknown manufacturer.
On the left is a New Martinsville clear Ancestral two-light candlestick, made in 1948 and 1949.
On the right is a Westmoreland clear #1000 Thousand Eye candlestick from the 1940s.
New Martinsville clear gazelle figurine.