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Meeting Highlights & Program


July 2013


Mark and Tony shared an impressive display of smoker items from several manufacturers. They began their collection about 13 years ago with a clear Anchor Hocking cigarette box with ruby lid. They were intrigued by how mainstream smoking was at the time of the great glass companies and how the companies created products that could be easily integrated into peoples’ lives. Some of the items are frequently repurposed nowadays; they have seen the same Anchor Hocking cigarette box featured for a deck of playing cards. Standing cigarette holders are sometimes used today for business cards. (If the foot is curved up, it was intended for ashes originally!) Tony and Mark continue to add to their collection and frequently find items mislabeled or misidentified.

The program included items by Cambridge, Duncan Miller, Fostoria, Illinois Owens, New Martinsville, Seneca, and Westmoreland, highlighted by the following items:
  • Seneca #1258 blue and Stiegel Green cigarette holders on tall stems
  • Fostoria #2056 American covered cigarette box
  • Fostoria #5092 amber and amethyst footed cigarette holders with curved feet
  • Illinois Owens frosted cigarette box and ashtrays
  • Duncan Miller ruby and crystal low Grecian urn cigarette holder
  • Westmoreland amethyst buggy cigarette holder
  • Duncan Miller #50 red hostess jar with lid
  • Cambridge #3500/89 Gadroon Amber, Carmen, Royal Blue, and Emerald cigarette holders on tall stems
  • Cambridge #3400/133 on #1066 stem amber holder for one cigarette, one match, and an ash tray—all in one piece
  • Cambridge #1337 amethyst low cigarette holder with curved foot




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



1. Westmoreland Glass white Paneled Grape 7” Footed Covered Compote, circa 1940s and 1950s.
2. Merry Mushroom covered tureen and teapot from the 1970s, made in Japan for Sears
3. In the background is a Fenton blue carnival Stag and Holly three-footed bowl.
In the foreground are six Cambridge bridge hounds in assorted colors.


In the background are Fenton fish vases (circa 1953) in white and black, and in black and white.
In the foreground is a green Fostoria #2470 handled cake plate.


Imperial Glass clear #42696 hospitality set (three of the six pieces).
6. Fenton cobalt blue Cape Cod rose bowl.
7. In the background is a Morgantown Stiegel Green #7684 wine.
In the foreground is a Cambridge LaRosa Caprice mayonnaise and liner and two LaRosa shell nut dishes.
In the background are Cambridge Carmen and Royal Blue pressed Rose Point goblets.
In the foreground are white range salt and pepper shakers with red enamel decoration.
9. Left to right:
  • Duncan Miller clear Royal Lace cordial on Terrace stem.
  • Morgantown Ritz Blue Plantation cordial.
  • Heisey crystal Plantation Ivy cordial.
  • Tiffin clear Eileen cut cordial on the Majesty stem.
10. Left to right:
  • Duncan clear cordial with unknown cutting on the Queen Elizabeth’s Ruff stem.
  • Imperial Glass gold-trimmed etched Candlewick cordial.
  • Clear cordial with mallard cut from an unknown manufacturer.
  • Tiffin clear Liege cordial.
11. Two pressed glass compotes from unknown manufacturers.
12. In the background is a Royal Doulton teapot.
In the foreground is an Oakley China mint tray.
13. Three Fostoria #2288 King Tut vases from the 1920s.