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Meeting Highlights & Program


September 2013


Bev provided an impressive program on Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) cake stands. She has a long history of collecting Imperial Glass treasures and was recently tempted into a new collecting direction when a club member brought a beautiful example from an unknown manufacturer in a color similar to Fostoria’s Bittersweet. Bev picked up the cake stand and it was the centerpiece of her program, flanked by a pair of Fostoria Bittersweet Heirloom candleholders! She has feverishly collected and after about ten months she has around 40 examples.

Bev started the program with an informative summary of the history of cake and cake stands down through their surge in popularity in the US in the 19th century when they were stacked in graduating sizes (sometimes five high) and used to display all manners of dessert (including cakes, tarts, candies, nuts, and candied fruit).

The following cake stands were displayed in the program:
  • Anchor Hocking Honey Amber Fairfield 10-inch
  • US Glass clear #15086 Galloway 9 ½-inch, circa 1904
  • Imperial Glass Antique Blue Olden Day 10-inch, made in the 1960s
  • Round with square base 12-inch from an unknown manufacturer
  • Cooperative Flint clear Sheaf & Block (Fickle Block) 9 ½-inch, circa 1893
  • Adams clear King’s Crown (Excelsior, XLSR) 10 ¼-inch, circa1890 (also made by US Glass in 1891)
  • Imperial Glass clear Flute and Cane 11-inch, made in 1921 and again in the 1970s
  • McKee clear Quintec 11 ¾-inch, circa 1900
  • US Glass clear Ribbon Candy 9-inch, circa 1891
  • King & Son clear Bleeding Heart (King’s Floral) 9-inch, circa 1875 (also made by Specialty Glass in 1888)
  • Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Company clear Champion (Diamond & Long Sunburst, Fan With Crossbars, Greentown
  • Number 11, Seagirt) 9 ½-inch, circa 1994 (also made by McKee Brothers in 1896 and Indiana Glass in 1904)
  • Beatty Brady Glass Company clear Festoon 9-inch, circa 1898
  • Model Flint Glass Company clear #857 Pillow Encircled (Midway) 9 ½-inch, circa 1889 (also made by Cambridge in 1901)
  • Adams clear #140 Wildflower, circa 1874
  • Frosted Medallion (Sunburst Rosette) clear 8 ½-inch from an unknown manufacturer
  • Indiana Glass clear Ferris Wheel (Lucille, Prosperity), circa 1910
  • Adams clear Good Luck (Horseshoe, Prayer Mat, Prayer Rug) 8-inch, circa 1891
  • Dalzell, Gilmore, & Leighton Glass clear Eyewinkler (Genoese, Cannon Ball, Crystal Ball, Winking Eye), circa 1889
  • Bryce Higbee Glass Company clear Palm Leaf Fan 9-inch, circa 1905
  • US Glass clear #15073 Oregon (Beaded Loops, Beaded Ovals), circa 1901
  • McKee Brothers amber Daisy & Button (Queen, Pointed Panels) 9-inch, circa 1885
  • Imperial Glass clear Leaf (Star Holly), circa 1939
  • Adams clear Baltimore Pear (Gypsy, Double Pear, Fig, Maryland Pear, Twin Pear) 9 ¼-inch, circa 1874
  • J.B. Higbee Glass Company clear New Crescent 9 ½-inch, circa 1898
  • Imperial Glass amber #402 Fashion 12 ½-inch, made in the 1960s
  • Bryce Higbee Glass Company clear Ribbed Ellipse 9 ¾-inch, circa 1905 (also made by J.B. Higbee Glass Company in 1907)
  • Imperial Glass clear Three Faces (Three Sisters, Three Fates, Three Graces, The Sisters) 10-inch, reissued for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (originally made by George Duncan and Sons in 1878)
  • Indiana Glass clear #156 Horsemint 9 ¼-inch, circa 1913
  • Bryce Brothers clear Sultan (Curtain) 9 ½-inch, circa 1870s
  • Imperial Glass amber Old Williamsburg 11-inch, made in the 1950s


Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



1. Franciscan Echo handled relish, made between 1954 and 1964
2. Indiana milk glass Harvest Grape salt and pepper shakers, circa 1950
3. Westmoreland ebony #1933 6 ½-inch spiral candleholders


McKee green Rock Crystal 11-inch vase, made in the 1920s and 1930s


Flower frogs in several colors
6. Heisey crystal Pouter Pigeon, designed by Royal Hickman and made between 1947 and 1949
7. Millersburg marigold carnival Peacock and Urn small bowl
Fenton green carnival Wishbone ruffled bowl