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Meeting Highlights & Program


October 2013


Ed provided an entertaining program on cordials from the 1920s through 1960s, providing a selection of 129 gems from his collection (which represents about 25% of the collection).  He started off with a Stemware 101 refresher course to go over the basic stemware shapes and sizes (the ounces listed are to the rim of the bowl):
  • Goblet:  8 to 10 ounces
  • Champagne (tall sherbet):  6 ounces
  • Sherbet (low sherbet):  6 ounces
  • Claret:  4 to 6 ounces
  • Cocktail:  3 to 3 ½ ounces
  • Wine:  2 ½ to 3 ounces
  • Cordial:  ¾ to 1 ½ ounces

Ed settled on a cordial collection when he realized he could display hundreds of patterns in the least amount of space.  He is frequently amazed by how accurate the smallest versions of a pattern are.  The manufacturers had to take great care to come up with a miniature version of a stem that still reflected the pattern and the shape of its larger siblings.

 Some of the highlights from the cordials displayed:

  • Cambridge crystal Blossom Time cordial
  • Cambridge crystal Wildflower cordial with gold trim
  • Cambridge Emerald Tally Ho cordial
  • Cambridge LaRosa pink low footed cordial (or brandy) with elongated bowl
  • Cambridge Regency (Stradivarius) cordials in LaRosa pink, Moonlight blue, and Gold Krystol
  • Heisey Cobalt Spanish Stem cordial
  • Heisey crystal cordial with frosted goose stem
  • Morgantown Gloria Blue Palazzo cordial
  • Morgantown Golf Ball cordials in Spanish Red, Thistle, Meadow Green, and Anna Rose
  • Morgantown Spanish Red Yale cordial
  • Seneca #903 cordials in red and cobalt
  • Westmoreland amber Trellis cordial with gold flash
  • Westmoreland crystal English Hobnail cordial





Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.



1. On the left is a Cambridge amber #1236 Keyhole ivy ball, made in the 1930s
On the right is a Cambridge amethyst #1066 Aurora ivy ball, made in the 1930s
2. Tiffin ruby and clear swung vase
3. In the front on the left is an Indiana Glass clear Twiggy (Pebble Leaf #6) canapé plate and cup
In the front on the right is a Cambridge emerald and clear pressed Rose Point cordial
In the back on the left is an EAPG East Liverpool Glass 9¾ inch cake stand in the East Liverpool pattern, circa 1882
In the back on the right is a Fostoria clear #600 Brazilian (Cane and Shield) rose bowl, circa 1898


On the left is a Northwood carnival Grape & Cable nappy with turned-up edges
On the right is a Fenton clear and white striped ruffled basket


Tiffin black satin fan vase with open lacework
6. Jeannette Delphite Basketweave salt and pepper shakers, made in the 1940s
7. Fenton Amberina Hobnail small swung vase