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Meeting Highlights & Program


April 2015


Ed provided an innovative program of unusual and favorite stems from his collection of over 1000!  Ed collects examples of stems from a wide variety of manufacturers.  Through frequent Show and Tell items, club members have known about his love of cordials; the depth of his collection of other sizes was a very pleasant surprise.  Stems are a great canvas for patterns and the way those patterns are married to the shape of the bowl, stem, and foot make for some amazing art.  Ed's selections for the evening also highlighted the glorious colors for which many of the companies represented were known.


The stems in the program, from left to right:

  • Lotus goblet with etching and gold trim

  • Tiffin's Pink Rain goblet with the pattern molded into the bowl of the goblet, not cut

  • Morgantown's Plantation cocktail in Smoke, with an unusual Smoke (instead of clear) foot

  • Fostoria's American Lady goblet in Amethyst

  • Morgantown's Brilliant (#7617) cocktail in Spanish Red, circa 1927

  • Cambridge's Rosalie goblet in Light Emerald

  • Hawk's Cactus goblet in Crystal with Green stem

  • Schmidt's Garda goblet in Cranberry

  • Cambridge's Tally Ho goblet in Crystal with cutting

  • Duncan Miller's Grenada goblet in Red, discontinued in 1943

  • Heisey's Spanish Stem goblet in Cobalt, made between 1936 and 1943

  • Turkey Tracks goblet with Green bowl and Vaseline stem and foot

  • Fostoria's #6013 goblet in Cobalt, made between 1936 and 1938

  • Seneca goblet in Turquoise

  • Fry's #42 goblet in Green

  • Morgantown's Ballerina (#7630) goblet in Azure with a bleeding heart cutting, made in 1930 and 1931

  • Fostoria's Pavilion in Smoke with a spiral optic, made between 1980 and 1982

  • Fostoria's Scepter in Gold Tint, made between 1937 and 1943

  • Morgantown's Art Moderne (#7640) goblet in Crystal and Ebony with the Victoria Regina (#727-C) etching/cutting (the Victoria etching combined with Fronds cutting)




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.




Crystal candleholder from an unknown manufacturer


Consolidated Iris bowl with a ceramic wash


Fostoria Azure Baroque console bowl with Lido etch


Morgantown Ruby and White #1412 Medium Mushroom covered box


Fostoria blue opalescent Heirloom candleholder


Fostoria Silver Mist #2531 Table Ornaments, made between 1938 and 1943; on the left is a pelican and on the right is a polar bear


Duncan Miller red Caribbean covered cigarette holder


Ripley clear Button Band (Wyandotte) cake stand with cutting, made in the 1880s


A selection of silver (and gold) twist-handled master butter knives