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Meeting Highlights & Program


October 2015


Dolores provided an excellent program of some of her Scotty-inspired pieces.  Who knew that the captivating dog inspired so many objects?  Dolores's highlights showed a great variety of Scotty options, including the following treasures:

  • Carnival chalkware figures, which were given out at carnivals as prizes (prior to stuffed animals) in the first half of the 20th century

  • Lamps from unknown manufactures with begging Scotties or a basket of Scotties, made in the 1930s in fired on pink, fired on blue, frosted crystal, and panted

  • Roosevelt creamers, named due to Fala (FDR's popular Scotty), manufactured by LE Smith and given away in Grape Nuts Cereal

  • Lightbulb (!) made in the 1930s by Aerolux

  • Powder jars with three Scotty dogs, made in the 1930s by the Diamond Glass Company in pink, green, cobalt, crystal, and frosted crystal

  • Powder jars with one Scotty (called Bowser), made from 1930 to 1950 by the Jeanette Glass Company in pink, crystal, and marigold iridescent

  • Powder jars with one Scotty made by Akro Agate from 1939 to 1942 for dime stores in opaque blue shades from light powder blue to turquoise to cobalt, opaque white, opaque pink, lime green, dark green, transparent ice blue, and amber

  • Bookends made by Mosser from Cambridge molds for the National Cambridge Collectors to fund the rebuilding of the NCC museum, in red, cobalt, moonlight blue, crystal, black, frosted crystal, and frosted blue




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.




Viking turquoise cornucopia


Fenton clear elephant-shaped whisky bottle


Tiffin blue fish, circa 1950s


Fostoria frosted turquoise Rebecca at the Well footed compote, made for the Henry Ford Museum


Higbee clear Paneled Thistle (Delta) footed cake stand


Roseville Sunflower vase, made in the 1930s


Stangl #40-72 Bluebird figurine


Clear chicken candy container with candy


Consolidated Reuben Blue Dogwood vase


LE Smith hurricane shade with pink base