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Meeting Highlights & Program


September 2016


Dovie and John dazzled the group with treasures from their Hazel-Atlas cobalt Royal Lace collection. It was quite an impressive table filled with rare depression glass. They shared tidbits from their research about the company and pattern; Hazel-Atlas was founded in Wellsville, West Virginia, in 1885 and relocated to Washington, Pennsylvania, the following year. In the 1930s they were known for, among other things, their cobalt Shirley Temple bowls, creamers, and mugs. Hazel-Atlas introduced the Royal Lace pattern in 1934 in Crystal, Green, and Pink. Researchers speculate that the pattern, which was widely shipped to England, was named and targeted to those with a fondness for royalty. Back in the USA, Hazel-Atlas had received a large order for more Shirley Temple items in 1938 and had prepped vats of the cobalt glass when the order was canceled. Rather than letting the glass go to waste, they poured the existing Royal Lace pattern in the new cobalt version and a star was born (at least with today's collectors). A few pieces of Amethyst have even shown up, including a cider set using an Amethyst cookie jar bottom and a metal holder, ladle, lid, and metal cups. Hazel-Atlas discontinued all colors of the Royal Lace pattern in 1941.

John and Dovie noted that a Sears catalog from the 1930s includes a 44-piece set for $2.89. If only! Quite a few cobalt pieces are super rare today, and most are illusive. Thirty-eight different pieces are known to have been made in cobalt; Dovie and John have at least one example of 24 different pieces. They closed by noting that Hazel-Atlas created 29 depression glass patterns that are collected today as well as a wide range of baking dishes and canning jars.




Show & Tell

Club members brought the following treasures for Show and Tell!  Here are some highlights from this meeting.  Descriptions of each treasure is found below the pictures using the corresponding number.




Hall China creamers in three sizes, including individual and master, in green, dark green, terra cotta, lavender, and white, from the 1930s


Hall China green mug (unlisted)


Hall China cobalt canister set


Challinor and Taylor Opal and Amethyst Mosaic Glass (Slag Glass, Variegated Glass) #900 High Standard cake stand


Adams & Co. clear Jacob's Tears covered footed vegetable, circa 1889


Lids for Swanky Swigs!


Fostoria amber Royal footed comport


Anchor Hocking clear EA Prescut double candle holder, circa 1960


Cambridge Lily of the Valley console bowl and champagne, made from 1935 to 1945