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The Heart of America Glass Collectors (HOAGC) welcomes dealers and individuals who want to display their glass and pottery for sale at our Glass Show and Sale.


The HOAGC has sponsored a semi-annual or annual glass show and sale for 25 years in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  The club has hosted two of the National Depression Glass Association's glass shows.  The glass show is managed and staffed by club members in all aspects including but not limited to...

  • Advertising of the glass show information in multiple media throughout the region

  • Publicizing the show throughout regional antique malls and shops

  • Setting up and tearing down the dealer booths

  • Assisting dealers with unloading and/or loading of dealer's vehicles upon request, with no fee

  • Assisting dealers with unpacking and/or packing of the dealer's merchandise upon request, with no fee

Detailed information related to the glass show and sale can be obtained by contacting the Show Chairperson in an e-mail message using the following button.

Contact the Show Chairperson 

Please include your e-mail address in the body of the e-mail when contacting the Show Chairperson.  Thank You for your interest in exhibiting at the HOAGC Glass Show and Sale.